Saturday, 24th March 2012

WITC has been left red faced after todays walk out to Nakers Hill.  This was after two important things were left behind by accident.

Firstly, a camera, and as WITC is still yet to wake up to the world of Smartphones, and our mobile phone doesn't have a camera, no pictures from today folks!  Sorry!  We also forgot sunscreen.  We should have known.  It wasn't quite the warmth of Summer out there, but it was still wall-to-wall sunshine.  Mind you, visibility was far from perfect.  Perhaps the camera wasn't missed after all...

We began in the small hamlet of Michelcombe, and we used the public bridleway to access the moor close to Gibby Combe.  It was a sweaty climb up the Mardle River to Hapstead Ford and on up to Ryders Hill.  At Ryders Hill summit, we rested for lunch.  Here we greeted the assortment of walkers, day trippers and ten tor'ers who passed by.  It was then a relaxing, unrushed afternoon in the Avon valley, around Aune Head, Little Aune and Nakers Hill before returning as the shadows lengthened at the end of the day via Snowdon.  In absence of photos, here is a selection of todays stamps (including Mo's relationship box in the middle!), and Google Earth provides a slightly more distant view. 10 miles and 24 stamps collected.

Tomorrow is the Meet, and WITC will be there to purchase the new catalogue and a few charity walks too.  Hopefully, if the sunburn allows us, we'll continue this weekend of walks too.


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