Sunday, March 25th 2012 - Part 2

After the Meet, WITC headed off to Owley.  We had a short afternoon stroll around Beacon Rocks, Crebers Rock and Lud Brook.  Starting and finishing at Peek Moor Gate, we were last here back in May 2010 when the rain was falling and cloud hung low.  This time, the weather was hot, and several people were sunning themselves whilst sheltering from the wind on Ugborough Beacon's summit, whilst ponies stood quietly in the Lud Brook to drink and cool down.

It was only a 5 mile meander, and just 10 boxes found, but the sunburn is feeling better today, and we are proud of out weekend.  We remembered the camera too, so photos follow...


Jill said…
Another good day and some great photos WITC.

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