Monday, 20 May 2019


In late April, my Mum passed away.
Jill Barber

It was all very sudden, very unexpected, and understandably very shocking to all family and friends, who remember a sprightly, passionate, hardworking, enthusiastic quilter, crafter, traveler, and cat lover.

You see, my Mum - Jill Barber - was remarkable.  She was one of my closest confidantes, and we shared many adventures at home and abroad.  Whether it be hiking in the Lake District or car rallying in Sweden and Germany.  She was great fun to be around, and I will miss her terribly.

Mum Letterboxed, of course.  She was one of The Upland Trotters (1991-2012), but tired of participation in the hobby well before my late Father did, so my return to the UK from World travels was good Dartmoor news for him, at least, as I provided some companionship on the Moor.  In more recent years, Mum peeped over the Letterbox 'wall' to see what was going on.  She attended the Meet with me to get Godfrey Swinscow's 98th Birthday Card filled with Personal Stamps.  She was sat along-side me again when I sold my Caves & Tunnels charity walk in 2017.

Far more eloquent and poignant tributes have been paid to Mum in the past few weeks, but she was very fatalist, and made her final wishes very clear.  She wished for her life and achievements to be celebrated, and my sisters and I will forever try to honour her memory and legacy.

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