Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The 'Meet'

Whoisthechallenger was there. Were you?

The 62nd bi-annual meet returned to Lee Moor last weekend. The crowds piled in to the village hall to avoid the drizzle. Charity walks, stamps and magazines traded places over tables along with stories and laughter.

It was great to see so many familiar and not-so-familiar faces. There is an air of celebrity about finally meeting the holder of a personal stamp. An image which may dominate weekend letterbox trips, and subsequent walk-talk.

We have stocked up on charity walks in great places to explore in the coming months. West Mill Tor, Cramber Tor, Longaford Tor - to name just three. We stared longingly at the outdoor equipment, and read with intrigue about a new website coming this Winter called Dartmoor Online. Brought to us by, amongst others, Dartmoor experts: Tom Greeves and Elizabeth Stanbrook. Its a subscription based quarterly update. With news, reviews and suchlike. Its launch page is at www.dartmooronline.co.uk

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