Monday, 15 November 2010


Sticking the stamps in our scrapbook
from our latest walk, WITC paused to consider the unquestionable routines which we follow each walk.

As with all routines, in the cold light of day, they seem bizarre and unnecessary. But, we've always done them, so they remain! Clues will not be read (aloud or otherwise) within sight of the car park. For obvious reasons: Its too early in the day to gather a tail.

Upon discovering a box, a rock or other dry seat should be found, so as to ensure that we will not disturb the box surrounds or cause unnecessary erosion (this 'wear' is a giveaway to any other letterboxer!)

The book is always stamped first. That is, after inspecting who the previous visitor was and try to ascertain the date of their visit.

Ink colour. Everyone knows that ink colour is important - right? Personalities are always stamped in purple and red. 1st in books are always stamped in gold. A Dartmoor Lane: Pink. Edgemoors: Blue. Mickey Mouse stamps: Brown...

Double check when you re-site the box that its hidden better than when it was found. This usually involves an additional cover stone, proceeded by a handful of dead grass shoved in the hole.

Treat other walkers with suspicion. "Hi there - lovely day!" we say. 'Please carry on, I'm just wandering round in circles for fun', we think.

The day's stamp numbers are never counted before the semi-formal ceremony at the dining room table on our return home.

This is normally toasted with an alcoholic beverage of some sort. That is a routine we enjoy.

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