Thursday, 18 November 2010


We were almost caught out this week by the rapidly shortening days. We were so engrossed in our route, we lost track of time, and suddenly we were thinking about where the torch was packed in our rucksacks. Its never been used to navigate our way off the moor. Only caves, Grants Pot a couple of weeks ago, and rabbit-like holes under rocks have required its use in the past.

It was hat and glove chilly out there. Wrapped up, we set off from the car park below Shilstone Tor and on up to Throwleigh Common and Raybarrow Pool.

After relative success around Bert Grattons Hut, we squelched (very wet underfoot this week) to
the summit of Kennon Hill. This is a staggering viewpoint for a not-so-lofty peak. You can follow the River Teign from near source, down past Castle Drogo and away to the South. To the North and West, Cosdon, Steeperton and Hangingstone Hill are the high Dartmoor skyline.

We descended to the bolted-on hill on which sits a granite outcrop with many names. Rippator, Rifle Tor or Rival Tor. Plenty of good letterboxing is always had here. It was here where time flew by, and the darkening skies failed to jolt us.

Our route back to the car was straight forward enough. Avoiding Whitemoor Marsh and then following Forder Brook down to the road. 22 boxes found.

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