Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Taw

At last, we had a thaw in the snow. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is not brilliant, so we took the opportunity to get out on the moor. Our destination was Steeperton Tor. We parked in Belstone village and followed the East bank of the Taw upstream. The Easterly wind was biting, and there was still plenty of ice lying on the ground, but the sun shone and fortunately all boggy ground was solid.

At Ottery Tor we said hello to the only other walker we saw all day.

We progressed along the hillside crossing Small
Brook, then Steeperton Brook and up to the summit of Steeperton Tor. This peak has one of the best views on the moor. It felt like the wind had
dropped and we lingered at the flagpole, before descending to Bow Combe. Due to the short days, WITC had already planned for this route to be linear, and that there would be a straight-forward walk back to the car. Our route was 8 miles long. With just 18 boxes found.

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