Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Seasons Greetings from WITC! This year, our Christmas Message goes out to the owners of Metheral Hill 7.

Your Dartmoor letterbox has had a good innings. In the near 20 years it has been out on the moor (so the sodden book suggests) it must have seen many visitors and several severe winters. Unfortunately, the smashed pot had become brittle since time, sunshine and mice have had their effect. We believed it should be brought in, and so we removed it. I'd love to say it is off to meet it's maker - the hand carved stamp was as good as new. If you are, or know of the creator - please inform them of our actions. WITC are not experts at removing other people's boxes. We are not thieves. We are just conciencious about litter on Dartmoor.

Similarly, if you know what box we have brought in, please let us know.

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