Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Who is responsible?

Dartmoor Chris has been in touch. He had planned to site some boxes on Dartmoor for just 3 days this Christmas. Due to the extreme weather we are suffering at the moment, these boxes will no longer be sited in the Gutter Tor area. To be exact, the email read:-

"Many roads around that area are far too dangerous to even attempt with snow and ice on them. I do not wish to cause you to damage your vehicles attempting to visit the boxes like last year at Holming Beam, where I understand that one or two of you did manage to allow the wall to jump out in front of you."

Thanks for thinking of us Chris. It made WITC wonder about who is responsible where letterboxing is concerned. Crashing the car on the way to the car park... Losing boots in the marsh... Twisting ankles in the clitter searching... Have legal issues ever arisen where charity or timed letterboxes are concerned? Such issues have to be dealt with where organised walks, such as the Abbots Way, OATS walk and Ten Tors are run. Charity walks have been released with advisories concerning river crossings, for example, before, but we have yet to see a cluesheet with disclaimers. A matter of time perhaps.

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