Monday, 4 April 2011

Monday, 4th April 2011

Our week of letterboxing routes continued today with a brand new walk just released. Beginning at Holming Beam and looping the Cowsic Valley.

To begin, and avoiding the brisk wind, we headed upstream to Broad Hole before climbing to Lydford Tor on the East side of the river. As with Saturday, the views were spectacular thanks to our lofty position and the clear, well washed atmosphere.

Turning North towards Devils Tor. Once the un-named outcrop had passed by, Beardown Man came into view. At 3-and-a-half metres high, its not Dartmoor's tallest menhir, but it is in splendid isolation. Built in the Bronze Age - purpose unknown.

Human influence on the moor has been maintained for thousands of years. It continued today in fact, as after passing Conies Down Tor, and ascending towards Black Dunghill, we watched the assembly of a tent from afar. As the MOD quad bike sped away, we approached with caution and curiosity to see targets had been set up (as pictured).

The Merrivale Range is closed for both day and night live military firing now until the weekend, but it appears that the enemy, at least, are ready for action...

The day was a success for us. 9 miles covered and 27 boxes found.

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