Sunday, 3 April 2011

Saturday, April 2nd 2011

When looking for a place to letterbox this weekend, the missing piece of our recent "Grey Links" walk was our priority. The recent good weather looked set to break any day, and there was still quite a route to complete. The walk was extended to Stenga Tor and off we went.

Having completed most of the early and late sections of this walk on our jaunt round here last month, we headed straight for Green Tor and Amicombe Hill. A decent Saturday's weather saw dozens of Ten Tors teams out training - their fluorescent yellow jacket wearing leaders unmissable.

Across the Rattlebrook and we joined the convoys of Ten Tor trainees filing towards Fur Tor. The scenic and yet barren wander below the ridge past Amicombe Hole and Lints Tor followed. The crowds melted away and we had the shelter from the wind and the whole scene to ourselves. Our target was Kitty Tor where we had plenty of boxes to search for.

We did our best to avoid the gaze of the crowds who rested at Kitty Tor's huts after their exhausting climb up from the West Okement. Meanwhile we descended to Stenga Tor for considerably less successful letterboxing. The suddenly bitter wind in our faces as we headed West to Gren Tor reminded us that the day was rapidly ending. We passed the newly erected tents of the Ten Torers at the River Lyd. Set for a breezy night out.

Back to the car with 12 more miles under our belts and 23 boxes found.

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