Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wednesday, 6th April 2011

WITC headed up to Cox Tor and Roos Tor today. One of our objectives was a celebrationary letterbox walk sited for another letterboxer.

It was the warmest day of the year so far - the forecasters predicted. They probably were right.
We've enjoyed the driest March in decades and a nice, warm start to April - so we searched high and low for signs Spring on Dartmoor. Apart from a heavily pregnant pony, there were not many visible signs on the ridge above the Walkham: no lambs, no flowers, and no obvious change in colours.

So apart from the sunny view, the most seasonal image we could identify and photograph was the hairy larvae of a butterfly - more commonly known as a furry caterpillar! At this time of the year they are binge eating, before turning into a species yet un-determined.

The walk we had undertook was all outside of the Merrivale Firing Range, which as we all knew, was closed for day and night use all this week. However we did have to box under the shadow of red flags flying on Great Mis and Roos Tor and under the gaze of the range spotters on distant White Tor.

The threatening flags certainly seemed to keep the crowds away, but we rattled through the list of boxes to find and were complete by mid afternoon. 6-and-a-half miles and 49 boxes found. Just some of which are pictured.

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