August: Reasons to be cheerful

August is a month to revel in, to enjoy and exploit on Dartmoor.  Bird breeding has ended, and this will delight Letterboxers who have been detered from certain areas of the moor by the authorities due to the nesting habits of some rare - and not so rare - Dartmoor birdlife.  Lambing season too has officially ended, and this will please the dog owners who can now ditch the short leads, and (responsibly) let their pups roam free - until next March at least.

The MOD are off for their annual month long break from training in the three Military Ranges. No live firing will take place during August, therefore no Range will be subject to day or night closure.  Therefore, no mistimed North moor letterbox walks!  Also, the days are still long - sunset at the end of the month is still around 8pm - perfect for distant North Moor jaunts.  Met Office data indicates August has, on average, the driest and warmest weather of the year in the South West.  Which after the dreary July we've just had, is most welcome.

If you need further reason to visit Dartmoor this month: August sees many events take place. Okehampton and Chagford shows, and Dartmoor Folk Festival to name just three.  Sure, the kids are off school, and the roads are busier, but what better excuse do you need to grab some Letterbox clues and delve deep into the moor on a Summer's day.  Go forth and explore!


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