In my July 2015 post: "New clues: A walk of snipe", I included a warning, namely
"Please, please use common sense as you walk around between 4 and 6.  The dry season does not make the terrain any easier!  The pools around Rattlebrook Head and Lyd Head are deep, but can be very easily circumnavigated.  You have been warned!"
In hindsight, I realised that these words weren't that in-keeping with clue releases of mine or others, so I thought I would just provide a short explanation.  In two previous series, including last year's 'Depths of Winter' boxes I have read comments written in my visitors books, critical of the soggy route that the walk took.  I didn't take offence at the comments, but was left feeling that they were, perhaps, a little unnecessary.  In both previous occasions, as in my most recent series, the wet ground in question could very easily be circumnavigated.  Dartmoor is inherently wet underfoot.  The Dartmoor we know and love is what it is because of the environment, the weather, the weathering caused by water and ice.  I appreciate anyone finding my Letterboxes, I hope that my routes are not dangerous or unpleasant, and would hope that general common sense is applied when out on the moor, reading the lie of the land, taking the best path.

I have had one email already from a Letterboxer who admitted wilfully ignoring my advise and sinking up to their waist in a bog at Rattlebrook Head.

Take care out there!


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